Sunday, August 26, 2007

New addition to the family !

Raeghan and Riley have big hugs for baby Rachael ! COME HOME RACHAEL !

Raeghan can't wait for "baby Rachael to come home ! She doesn't realize that Rachael is the same size as her !

Riley can't wait for Rachael to come home !

This is Kit Cat ! She is my daughter Bekka's newest baby, she is 5 weeks old !

Riley is so good with the new kitty, he lets it just sit there !

Raeghan really loves the kitty !

RACHAEL UPDATE : not much to report, if you look under favorites you can see numerous friends who have gone or who are going to China ! Can't wait see them on gotcha day ! Currently is has been 46 days since we know that my dossier has moved from the non-special needs room to the special needs room. So what does this mean ? Well I don't know, lol. All we can do is wait and see ! Most people who do special needs adoptions identify the child, then send in all the paperwork, mine was reverse. With next month being September and I have jury duty and then October is considered a bit of a non- travel month due to chinese holiday and trade fairs, it is my best guesstimate that I might get go to China in November for Rachael ! It is so exciting, I want her now. Yet, it breaks my heart to leave Raeghan and Riley home, yet if you think I am bringing 2 toddlers to China, you got to be nuts ! My mother will be taking good care of them and we will talk on the phone daily !

SO THE ONLY THING LEFT TO DO IS : keep praying and working to BRING MY GIRL HOME !

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Sherri said...

Hey Charlotte!

The kitty is adorable. My Olivia (4 years old) is begging for a kitty. So far, we've resisted. I can't wait to get her one--it's just not the right time now.

We adopted Mia, 2, in April. They weigh the same! Olivia was a little shocked that her "baby" sister was her size, so I imagine you will have a similar experience.

I hope you get to travel sooner rather than later. We were also logged in under non-special needs and then switched to special needs. We received LOA at about day 117 from LID. (LID 12/6/06; LOI 12/19/06; LOA 3/23/07) We received TA on 4/4/07.

Have a great day!