Thursday, August 30, 2007

A little sad news !

Raeghan decided to put on her Dora bathing suit and her sister's flip flops to watch Dora !

The day after we got Kit Cat in our home, I had Rebekka's husband Dan get us a kitty too for me, Raeghan, Riley and Rachael from the same litter as Kit Cat. We named the kitten Lan Lan after my friend's daughter from China . Raeghan loves Lan Lan. Well, this kitten was the runt of the litter and she was 5 weeks old, she had been living outside at the house where she came from, she was eating enough food, and doing her duty in the litter box. I am not sure if she was hydrated enough, but she ate canned food well. She started to have her eyes matt closed and last night when Raeghan woke up we discovered at 100am that she had died. Raeghan and I cried so hard. I told her that Lan Lan went to heaven, it didn't help. We woke Dan up and he took care of her for us, Raeghan gave her a kiss and we went back to bed. Raeghan is home sick yesterday with my niece, Shelbie and this am with me and pm with my mother. She has a small cold with cough. Riley woke up this am, he couldn't understand why the kitty was gone. He kept saying he wanted to see Lan Lan. I explained it all to him and he was upset. We are going to look for a new kitty this am. Will get one much older, I told the kids we could call her Lan Lan too if they wanted to, they do ! I feel so bad, I know we did all we could do, just still feel bad. Raeghan watched this am as Dan buried her in the backyard, I think it was good for her to see this. She is ok now, coloring and watching Dora.


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