Sunday, August 19, 2007

Riley's 4th birthday party again !

Riley got a new guitar and a pair of sneakers for his 4th birthday pool party we had Saturday ! He loves both presents, they go everywhere with him !

Raeghan also got a new pair of sneakers ! Thanks Grandma for knowing what it's like to be little !

Riley at his party with his new guitar and new soccer ball !

The kids having fun in the pool and the backyard !

More fun in the pool !

Can't wait for Rachael to come home and play too !


Anonymous said...

Praying for funds for your trip!
A sister in Christ!

Sherri said...

Hi Charlotte!

I am on LCC and saw your blog. Your children are beautiful!

You need to visit my blog--our daughters (Reaghan and my Olivia) look very similar (if you don't look really close, you might think they are the same person!haha)


Sherri said...

I guess it might help to tell you where to find the blog.....