Thursday, August 16, 2007


This wonderful update came today !

Her height is 87 cm (=34.3 inches)

Weight: 12 kg (=26.5 pounds)

Head circumference 46 cm (=18.1 inches)

Chest circumference: 48 cm (=18.9 inches)

Foot Length 14 cm (=5.5 inches)

Jiang Yu Zhu is described as very happy and healthy. They said she is growing and seems to be very strong and resistant to the common virus’s that will be in any school or orphanage. They said she is very smart and learns new things very quickly. Now she can say words like Moma and Baba, sister, grandpa, grandma and brother. She likes to wear new clothes and is happy when she looks good. Also now she is playing with new toys, and seems to enjoy them very much. She likes the new toys and new clothes very much, and is happy and in very good spirits.

They are happy that Jiang Yu Zhu is being adopted and will have a good life. They hope her family will take good care of her and they would love updated photos of her as she grows.

So, do you think she is a 2T or a 3T ?


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Laura said...

Either. My Sarah is 31 pounds and can still wear 2T, but does wear 3T in some things. If you bring 3T, you may want to bring a needle and thread to take up the pants if they are too big.