Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Thursday the 8th !!!!!

Raeghan and Riley waiting for Rachael to come home ! We got a spot on the photo stairs for you too sissy !

My hams ~ Riley and Raeghan !

Today is a wonderful day ~ the day before I leave ! Oh my goodness ! Bags are packed and I'm ready to go. Was blessed with a day at home before the trip with the kids. Going to go get my hair cut later ( to the shoulder for you Kim, lol ), the kids are going to go to sissy's this am for a little to play, should be fun !


Wednesday November 7th, 2007

Well, 2 more days to go ! I got tell everyone today has been a wonderful day full of surprises ! I thank the Lord for my real friends !

2 more days til China ! 4 more, yes, 4 more days til she is in my arms forever !

More than anything else in life I love being a mother the most !


Tuesday November 6th, 2007

Monday November 5th, 2007

Well, it's Monday, hard to beleive in just 4 days I will board the plane to China ! 6 days Rachael will be in my arms !


Sunday November 4th, 2007

Today was another awesome day with my kids ! We slept in ( how nice ! ) and they watched Barney movies, lol, and we cleaned some more, got closets ready, etc. Did some more packing, Raeghan helped me so much ! Went to A friend's birthday party this afternoon at McDonald's, they had fun and now we are home, they are going to bed !

Only 5 more days til I leave for China !

Oh my goodness ! 7 more days til my girl is in my arms !!!!!


Saturday November 3rd, 2007

Today was an awesome day home with my kids ! I actually slept in til 0700am ! Wow, that was nice. Spent the am tidying up and then went with Raeghan and Riley to my friend Tammy's house. She has 2 girls, 7 and 5 and the kid's played together for hours outside and inside. I actually got to sit in a beanbag chair and watched a movie too. Then we went to my oldest daughter, Rebekka's apartment to see how it was coming along. They have been there a week and a half. Dan moved a chair on her, and boy did he find out that wasn't the right thing to do, lol. Riley ended up staying with them and Raeghan and I are home now doing laundry. Tammy gave me for the girl's an Ariel talking vanity set, so that has kept her busy !

6 days til I leave for China !

8 days til Rachael is in my arms !

I can't beleive it is finally upon us ! Started packing some last night, boy do I have alot of stuff !!!


7 more days til China !

So hard to beleive that in one week I will be in a plane on my way to China to get Rachael ! And that the day I land, the 11th of November she will be forever in my arms !!!


Journey to Rachael yahoo group !

Here's a link to my yahoo group as I travel to China to adopt the most adorable litte girl on this earth !

Please join and come along with me !


8 more days til China !

Leave in 8 days for China ! 10 days til Rachael is forever in my arms !


Exciting news !

Found out today from my agency that my gotcha day has been moved from November 12th to November 11th !!!!! at 300pm !

Which means I get into Chongqing on the 11th at 1240pm, and will go straight to hotel ( Harbour ) and receive Rachael at 300pm !!!!! Oh my goodness ! Yah !


Happy Halloween !

Raeghan, the good witch with Riley, the motorcross driver !

Raeghan and Riley sitting in their double stroller ready to go !

Brother in law, Dan sitting with Raeghan on the steps after a good night.

Big sister, Rebekka is helping Riley look at his "loot " !

The nursing home I work at part time had a Halloween party for the resident's and the public. Here is Riley's version of bobbing for apples !

Raeghans's version of bobbing for apples !

Riley shows off his painted face ! What a poser he is !

Raeghan getting her face painted too !

Raeghan watched Riley do the Beanbag Bat Toss !

Raeghan fishing for goodies at the Halloween party !

Raeghan and Riley at the cake walk ! Raeghan would do it for hours if you let her !

Happy 34 months Rachael !

Rachael is 34 months old today ! She will be 3 in December !

2 more weeks princess and you will be in my arms forever !


Sunday, October 28, 2007


A good friend is sending me left over yuans from her trip, which has sparked others to do the same thing !

Have you been to China ? Do you have left over yuans ? Email me for my mailing address. Sure could use them yuans !


Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hard to believe that in 13 days I will be on an airplane to China !
Everytime I talk to someone I start crying thinking of leaving Raeghan and Riley at home. They will be in good hands with their wonderful, loving grandma. She will call us every day while at the hotel. I can't wait to go !

Tickets arrived this week, all that's left to do is be at the airport on time ! On the 9th I don't need to be at the airport til around 200pm, so will spend the am with the kids, then take them to the daycare. My best friend, Tammy is going to take me to the airport and my mother is going to come with us to the aiport !

Raeghan and Riley tonight sitting at the kitchen table ! Can't resist their sweet, mischevious little faces !

Raeghan enjoying her lollipop at home on the staircase !

Riley sporting his balloon dog on his head from the Fall Festival at school !

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dear Rachael lives over the ocean ......

Yantze River in China

A wonderful, wonderful friend posted this on LCC~ Loving China's Children yahoo group for me ..........

(Sung to tune of My Bonnie lives over the ocean )

Dear Rachael lives over the ocean,

Sweet Rachael lives over the sea,

Dear Rachael belongs to dear Charlotte,

Oh, let's bring Rachael home to mommy!

Bring home, bring home,

Oh, bring home that baby to her, to her,

Bring home, bring home,

Please help bring this little girl home!

Ok, LCC Family, let's get the donations rolling again for Charlotte to bring Rachael home. She leaves on November 9th, that's like, just around the corner, ya know???!!

Kingdom Kids information is as follows - Family Grant for the Weddle Family http://www.kingdomk idsadoption. org/ It appears the online donation is still down, but you can call them and donate over the phone at (509) 465-3520.
Because the KK online donation is down, and time is of the essence, funds may also be donated via Charlotte's ChipIn account, which can be found on her blog at www.rachaeljanew. blogspot. com .

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My first daughter, Rebekka

Well, it's official ! Rebekka and Dan have their first apartment ! They moved out tonight with much joy and a few tears. Well, maybe more than a few !

Me, Mom and the kids got McDonald's tonight, then went to go see the new apartment. For a first time, it is nice, has two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, small living room. They were able to buy a nice brown suede couch, and his grandma gave them a rocking chair. I think the table and chairs they want they have on hold. The kitchen is fully loaded with all new wedding gifts.

I know this is what the circle of life is all about, and I knew they needed to be on their own, but she is still my little girl. For so many years she was my buddy.

I made her pose for this picture tonight, it was late, not the best. But it marks the beginning of her new life with her husband.

And in February they will welcome their newborn son into the world. His first due date was my birthday, Feb. 14th, then it was changed to the 19th. They still don't have a name, drives me bonkers ! This week Rebekka likes the name Layne. So do I. Better than Finn, don't tell Bekka, lol.

For now we refer to him as "BABY SHRIMP". I will have to get him a stocking that says that, lol.

Well, not too much longer til I leave, almost 15 days !!! 18 til gotcha !!!

See to the right under favorites, my yahoo group, feel free to join.

I will when in China try to post on blog, but if not will to yahoo group and will send info to friend, Monica to add to blog to help me.

Night, Charlotte

Monday, October 22, 2007

CA ! CA ! CA ! CA !

It is with great joy to say I have my CA ~ Consulate Appoitment for Rachael !

Plans have changed a little bit. My agency tried to get a CA of November 15th, and they were all taken. So the new date is :

November 20th, 2007 which is also Children's Day !

So as it is planned and with confirmation today with my agency :

LEAVE : November 9th from Arkansas

ARRIVE : November 11th to Guangzhou, then to Chongqing

GOTCHA DAY : November 12th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARRIVE : in Guangzhou again on the 18th

MEDICAL : November 19th

CONSULATE : November 20th

SWEARING IN/ GET VISA's : November 21st

Then leave and arrive home THANSKGIVING 10:30am !


Charlotte, one happy momma !

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Please pray tonight !

As always there is something I am praying for, and I feel like this one deserves lots of prayers. It is for the CA ~ Consulate appointment like a court date in China, it finalizes the adoption and it allows us to be able to go home too ! Hoping for November 13,14,15th,2007 !

I don't often talk of my oldest daughter, since this blog has been dedicated to the adoption. I also ask for prayers for my oldest, Rebekka and her husband, Dan move out this Wednesday into their first apartment ! She is my first child and there were many years between her and Raeghan that life was just me and Bekka. And as she starts the beginning of her new life, it still brings a tear to me. I know this is what is suppose to happen in life, and many of you who know me know I am happy too. But it also brings tears as my baby is making good in her life.

Dan and her are pregnant with my grandson, Dan works for Alltel and Rebekka just completed cosmotology school, she has taken the skills test and is waiting word of passing so she can do the written test.

Bekka, I know I don't tell you enough how much I love you and how proud I am of you, but I am ! You will always be the first little blonde headed girl in my life. You are never replaceable !

So as we prepare for Rebekka entering to her new world, please pray for her and her husband and for Rachael as she enters her new world too !


Still waiting but having fun too !

Please pray that my CA date comes tomorrow and is the date my agency requested !

Playing in the backyard ! Come home Rachael !

My handsome Riley !

My beautiful Raeghan !

Please continue to pray and donate !