Monday, July 30, 2007

Empties 4 cash !

This is another fundraiser I am asking for your help !

It is called : Empties 4 Cash ! And the empties are your computer ink cartridges ! You can see the site at

There is a link there that tells you what cartridges you can send it for me ! If you will email me your mailing address to with your address, can send you as many free plastic baggies to send in the cartridges for me ! Don't forget where you work might have some too !
Thanks for helping Bring Rachael Home !!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The many faces of Raeghan................

It only took 10 shots to get this one good shot of Raeghan sitting in her new booster seat ! A friend told that everytime she sees pictures of Raeghan on the blog that she is always smiling so big ! So I thought I'd show you all the hammy faces she has that took to this one gorgeous one of her !
Notice her beautiful dress, it is one I bought her when I was in China last year getting Riley ! Here she is more focused on the granola bar her sister gave her !

She has this cheesy smile, not my favorite.

This one was a hammy smile.

I think she was trying to give a smile here.

This is as serious as it gets with granola in mouth.

"Mom, are we done yet ? "

I love it when she sits with her legs crossed . Got the dress in a shop in Guangzhou for any traveling there soon. After I spend a week in Chongqing with Rachael, will go to GZ again for a few days, will be glad to see a friend Ann that we made in GZ.
Hope you enjoyed the many faces of Raeghan, can't wait to see the many faces of Rachael........................

Riley gets a haircut !

Riley has gotten numerous haircuts in the past from big sister, Rebekka who is almost a beauty school graduate, but it is always fun to capture the event, since it is so funny !
He is a big of a squirmer and finds it funny !

Rebekka is good at shaving moving targets !

Did I mention Riley is a bit of a squirmer ????

He's almost done, but he had to shake his head, he wasn't happy here ! But the finished product was very nice, getting ready for sissy's wedding next weekend !

Thursday, July 26, 2007

NWA World Perk Miles !

I am asking everyone who might have any NorthWest Airline World Perk Miles there not using or just don't want to donate them to me !!!!

Currently I have saved 39,806 miles and if I can get enough might be able to use them all to buy my ticket to China and maybe Rachael's too !

There is a page :

This page talks about how you can transfer miles to me or there is another link where you can buy miles and "gift" them to me !

Any donations of miles would so be appreciated !

Thanks, Charlotte

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Thanks for Helping Bring Rachael Home !

This adorable little girl above reminds me of my little Rachael, I am so hoping she is holding the teddy bear we sent to her wearing the sweatshirt with her family's pictures on the front of it !

I looked tonight on my magazine fundraiser and noted that several people have been buying magazines ! I wanted to thank everyone for every bit they have donated to my adoption. It is so wonderful to see people who care so much about children in other countries, children especially with special needs in orphanages.

I am sending mailers to local people for the spaghetti dinner and silent auction. If you can't make it, there is still ways to donate to help. There is the magazine fundraiser, or you can make a donation to CHIP IN ! These are all under fundraisers in the right hand column over there ~~~~ >.

Thanks again !!


Sunday, July 22, 2007


As the shirt says : " I WAS WORTH THE WAIT !"

I have added many items for the silent auction including this adorable little set above to the silent auction that is taking place August 11th with the spaghetti dinner !

To see this items and others go to :




We ordered new bath towels from Avon from Aunt Trish. Raeghan picked the Disney Princess one, Riley picked the Elmo one and the Dora one is for Rachael !
Raeghan loves her new towel !

Riley does too !

This one is for Rachael ! Won't she love it !

Thursday, July 19, 2007


This is Maddie ! Her family has their TA and needs some help with the last few bit of funds needed to bring her home ! I know what it is like to want to hold your daughter and bring her home so badly, and to not have all the funds, the way I am !

Here is the link to help their family :


Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Friday August 10th, 2007 at the Unique Connection Center in Jacksonville, Arkansas on 618 W. Main Street. It is from 6-9pm !

It is going to be a yummy meal of spaghetti, salad, bread, drink and dessert for : $5 a person, 2 and under is FREE ! At the door tickets will be $7.

Winner of the door prize doesn't have to be present to win !

There will be lots of items being auctioned off with a special Creative Memories shadow box in a raffle too !

All proceeds are to HELP BRING RACHAEL HOME !!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

See what happens......................

See what happens when you get on the computer and the kids are in the living room eating cake.........
Riley didn't get so messy.

Raeghan, the fairy princess of course was wearing it all over the place !

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Raeghan looks at her picture as says : My baby Rachael ! "

I found out today from my agency that my LOI- letter of acceptance has gone with my dossier into the review room, which means I am waiting for LOA- letter of acceptance ! This is all exciting and scary, I have about 1/2 the money for the adoption fundraised and worked for and need the other 1/2. I am so nervous today wondering if the LOA and TA will come too soon and all the $ won't be there. It has me crying today, and my car is acting up too, so I am double sad.I have faith in the Lord and trust in, he will provide. I am also asking for YOUR HELP !Please imagine my beautiful little girl in China, an orphan with her foster family waiting to come home. The houses in China are nothing like ours, there is no or little electricity, or food, it is poorer living than you can imagine.PLEASE CONSIDER A DIRECT DONATION OR A DONATION TO ONE OF THE FUNDRAISERS ! Any amount would be so appreciated and would help so much !
Please pass my blog onto everyone you know asking for help !Charlotte

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

PA ! PA ! PA ! PA !

Just in case you didn't get it, I got PA - pre-approval for Rachael Jane YuZhu, that is the word from CCAA ( China officials ) saying that I can adopt Rachael ! Because my dossier is already logged in in China, I won't get a paper PA, but got a verbal PA. Called my agency today, it was 7 weeks today they sent the LOI- letter of intent asking to adopt Rachael and they were told today via email from their Beijing contact that my dossier has been transferred from the non-special needs room to the special needs room, this is good ! This is the PA, saying she is mine ! They don't know what date it switched over, they are asking, this will help give a better time line for travel !


I am still fundraising and working 2 jobs to bring Rachael home ! Any kind of help is so appreciated ! You can donate in numerous ways: a straight paypal donation, sign up for Hugs for Rachael and get a blog of your travels, order a magazine or something from Tastefully Simple or donate through Kingdom Kids. Any donation is so appreciated, it is going to help a beautiful little girl in China become part of a family ! Charlotte

Friday, July 6, 2007

My friend in China was only able to go to Rachael's orphanage for 1/2 of one day instead of the 3 days she thought she was going to be going. She was able to let the orphanage staff know that yes Rachael has a family, and they were very pleased. They told her that Rachael was : VERY PRETTY, VERY SMART AND VERY STRONG ! It makes me wonder if she is going to be as strong willed as my others are, lol. If she is my daughter, she is. I have always said God doesn't give me quiet children, lol. Though I was saddened to not get pictures, I was glad for the update. My agency is trying to locate now the exact date the dossier went from nsn to sn and some current pictures. The pictures we have now are from 12/06 when she turned 2, I can't wait to hold my dauggter in my arms and tell her how much I love her ! Charlotte

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Hats and Outdoor Fun !

Good news today ! Raeghan had her follow up today at ACH with the Infectious Disease doctors, she had a chest xray too and got a clean bill of health ! We were able to track down Dr. Jaeger to see again, Raeghan ran to him with big hugs ! We also went to go see the nurses on the floor she was on for 8 days and got to see her favorite nurse, Lisa. We brought them brownies to say thank you ! Raeghan was handing them out like the little hostess she is ! She spent the rest of the day at home with Rebekka, so when I got Riley from school after work, him and I went to store to buy me socks and he got himself and Raeghan a new hat ! Don't they look cute ??!
If you leave Raeghan home alone with big sissy, Rebekka, you will get makeup put on you for sure, see her pink cheeks and green eyelids! Thanks sissy !

Riley sporting his new hat chomping down on a bag of his favorite Funyuns !

It was cooler than usual last night so we went in the backyard and played. Raeghan loves to swing. Note the shoes on the wrong feet! She loves to dress herself too!

Riley loves to climb ! He also loves to wear his oversized daycare shirt they must wear when the daycare goes anywhere, today he just wanted to wear it !

Raeghan and Riley love the swingset their grandma bought for them ! I know they can't wait to slide and see saw with Rachael !
RACHAEL UPDATE : My friend was suppose to be in Rachael's orphanage city for 3 days this week, she just emailed me and there was some problems with scheduling, so she is going on the 5th, which is now in China, it is around 0500 am now there, she said she will be leaving at noon. Rachael is in foster care, so her family would need to be there this am in order for her to see her, and we won't know til later. I am saddended, I feel like this will be my only chance to get pictures of her ! Please say a special prayer tonight for me that by the grace of God that she does get to see her. It is still comforting to know they will give them the care package I sent over for her and let them know she has a family who loves her !!!!!