Sunday, November 11, 2007


Rachael and Mommy together forever!

Rachael styling some shades, a new headband and her new beads !

Rachael trying her shades on !

Here are a few pics to wet your whistle, from this point on I will only be adding to the yahoo group, so for more pics you need to join the group, the link to it is to the right under /favorite blogs ! Rachael is doing good, had a big meltdown this afternoon, is asleep now !



Rose Mary said...

We love you, Rachael!!!!!

Rose Mary

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Charlotte and Rachael! You are together at last!! Charlotte, she is beautiful. I love her big girl hair cut :) and all the know I don't get much pink around here! Be safe in your travels back home...I know you are ready to get your whole family together.

Our China Starfish said...

Congratulations Charlotte! It looks like you have another beautiful princess! Prayers and best wishes on the remainder of your trip and safe travels home!!! Jennifer - waiting for Tessa