Friday, November 23, 2007


We are home ! Added some pics, will add more as time goes on !

Best shot of Riley, Rachael and Raeghan on their way to bed maybe ! LOL

Trying to get maybe one decent photo of them together, lol.

1st attempt of three little panda's together on couch !

Son in law, Dan and oldest daughter, Bekka trying on chinese pajama set !

Rachael and Mommy in playroom at White Swan hotel !

Me and Rachael in front of White Swan hotel waterfall !

Rachael in the White Swan drinking her favorite apple juice !

Rachael and friend, Aiden, both newly adopted !

Rachael and doctor ! This doctor saw Raeghan, Riley and now Rachael !

Good-bye Chongqing ! Hello Guangzhou !

Charlotte and Rachael eating at Lucy's in Gunagzhou !

Charlotte, proud momma to 4 little panda's !

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