Friday, November 23, 2007

Rachael update

Here's a picture of one amazing little girl !!!!!

We have been home since Thanksgiving day, I feel like all the jetlag is gone now, and same for Rachael too. She sleeps all night through every night.

She is just amazing, the things she has learned in just 6 days !

Raeghan and Riley are doing good with their new sister. Raeghan treats her like her baby sometimes, Riley doesn't think much, he's a boy !

Riley is giving ME a hard time lately, he is mad at ME, I think for leaving, and etc. He isn't taking it out on Rachael, only ME. So being tired and having a 4 yr. old point his finger in your face and raise his voice to you can be challening to say the least.

Rachael is about 90% potty trained, she never has poo poo accidents, and only has pee pee accidents when we might go somewhere. She's kind of the soft spoken type in public when she's got to go, she doesn't always raise her hand and say ooh oohh I got to go, like Raeghan and Riley will ! LOL

Things she already has learned this week : to shut the car door
2. how to stand inline against the car til we are all in/out
3. how to get the tpaper, wipe and flush the toilet ( she had alot of this down in China already )
4. where the trash is
5. how to say hi, bye, momma, Rachael, Raeghan, Riley, Rebekka, Grandma
6. take straw off of juice box, out of wrapper and insert in juice box

I'm sure there's more, lol.

Things she loves :


Apple juice, Cheerios, green beans, fruit cocktail !

Did I say BANANAS !!!!! LOL

And smart, she is so smart, all you have to do is show her how to do something once, and she does it .

She is also a good mimicer, and LOVES phones ~ anyone's phone ! And if you call me, she MUST talk to you too !

She is always happy ! Like her Aunt Trish says, after eating she doe's the happy food dance !

She sings, dances, loves to hop on one foot and try to get you to do it too !

She loves to be tickled !!! And gives LOTS and LOTS of kisses !!!! And hugs !!!

Forgot to mention we went to the pediatrician yesterday, clean bill of health ! Weighs 28 lbs, 36 inches !

Went to regular eye MD today, will see specialist in Decmeber. He says for today she doesn't need glasses, yah !

Well, if I think of more will let everyone know !

Charlotte, proud mom of 4 !

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