Friday, November 23, 2007

Settling in ..............

3 toddlers = 3 strollers = peace in the house ! LOL

Grandma was awesome and went to the store yesterday after work to get me 2 more strollers so everyone had one !

Two sisters together !

Rachael thinks it's funny ! I just can't tell you enough how much this child fits into our family ! She is so perfect, she was hand picked for us by God !

Riley loves his new ball cap displaying he is the " Ge Ge " ~ big brother !

Raeghan really enjoys her ice cream !

Lexi, little cousin loves McDonald's too ! What a cutie !

Rachael likes her big cousin, Shelbie !

Rachael's getting to know her ge ge ( big brother ) Riley better ! I think he likes his Mei Mei ( little sister).

Riley and Rachael !

Cheetos and sisters go hand in hand !

Hope you enjoy the pics, we are slowly getting settled in ! Will be hard on Raeghan and Riley when they got to go back to school Monday after being out 4 days ! God help me !

Charlotte and crew !

PS ~ Bekka passed her glucose test ok, everything going good with Baby Shrimp as long as he continues to bake til February 2008 !

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MKBookWorks said...

Gosh! The kids just get cuter and cuter!! All looks well now that Mommy is home with newbie!! Congrats on growing and glowing family!!

Mom to EFP & Waiting for EBB