Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Couldn't help resist to post these 2 pics I took of Raeghan tonight ! She had me put her entire head of hair up in hair bands and then she posed for me ! I know parents think their children are beautiful ! But there are times, expecially recently with her being so sick that I look at my children and think they are so beautiful and thank the Lord over and over again for letting me be the lucky one to be their mother, whether they are bio or adopted. I am so blessed.
Here is the updates on all the fundraising:
Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple, and Creative Memories, thanks to Cynthia doing this for me while we in the hospital. If you order from either I receive a % of the profits from now til end of June !
Ebay is done for now, when get time will add some more items. I learned alot about ebaying items, it is hard work and sometimes doesn't profit as well as you think it ought too. And it was so horrid it ended while we in the hospital and had no way of telling anyone, so hope I don't get too many bad comments from buyers. All items were mailed 5-29-07.
Magazine sales !!!!! Yah, thank the Lord ! Got a nice check from them today in the mail ! Want to thank all so much who bought or renewed their subscriptions and please ask everyone to keep looking, it is still going on and it helps BRING RACHAEL HOME !
Yardsale : scheduled for month of June ! Still collecting items from anyone locally here in Central Arkansas area.
Car wash : hoping to do one this month, got to call the place !
Popcorn fundraiser started today !!! Sales going good ! Doing this locally due to if I did it long distance, my profit would be eaten in shipping it to you ! But if anyone wanted to do it where they live for me, let me know ! Cynthia is in Washington and is doing one for me !
Paypal donations !!!! Was so excited to receive a total of $30 from people in direct donations ! Any little donation helps ! Thanks so much !
I spoke tonight with my good friend, Ohilda. Here blog is under my favorites, she is adopting little Anna Grace. She is so so darling ! She is waiting for her TA- hoping for tomorrow and she is my rock sometimes when I need someone to help me through the hard times of this adoption ! Again, I must remember to put all my trust and faith in the Lord, to continue doing as I am doing, working and fundraising all the time and he will provide ! HE ALWAYS PROVIDES !
Thanks for reading, Charlotte

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