Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Introducing Rachael Jane YuZhu !

Introducing Rachael Jane YuZhu !

Born December 29th, 2004 in DianJiang SWI in Chongqing, China

I faxed the application to my agency today and she is mine ! They are writing the LOI- letter on intent, then I have to wait for the PA- pre-approval to come to adopt her . Even though I am single my agency has checked with Beijing and I was logged in and fall under the old rules.

Charlotte, excited mom to Rebekka, Raeghan, Riley and soon Rachael !


Monica said...

She's precious. And just a little younger than Reese.

Liene said...

Charlotte, you lucky girl! But boy you are a brave woman taking on 3 kids that are that close in age!!! Definitely keep us updated on what's going on. We're hoping that our little girl is on our agencies next WC list!