Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WE ARE HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is with much excitement to say : WE ARE HOME !!!!!

We saw the infection control MD's today again, no fever all day. Did have two yesterday but with the IV out there really was no reason to stay there, I can do meds for her all by mouth now !

It is so wonderful to be home, Riley and Raeghan hugged each other so much. Riley said, " Raeghan's awake ! " Yes, she is awake, still will be home at least til next week with me, mom and my niece. She is still week ! Before we went in she weighed 28 # and now is down to #25 ! She looks thin in the face.

She finally said she was ready to come home, all the time in the hospital she kept saying she wanted to stay because of the paw prints, they are on the floor in the rooms and in the hallways and she liked them ! I took a picture of one to show you !

Will tell the entire story over the next few days and add some pics of her as she was healing. She was a very, very, sick little girl and I was so worried. I thank the Lord, and the wonderful MD's and nurses of 4 Med. at Arkansas Children's Hospital for her recovery. Her chest xrays still look a little bad, but are getting better all the time, and in the words of Dr. Jaeger and Dr. Craft, " she is clinically improving ". This means she is looking and acting good !

Wait til you see what 8 days in the bed does to your hair !

Special thanks to Cynthia for updating my blog and keeping ya'll informed ! Good job my China traveling to be friend ! LOL


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