Saturday, May 19, 2007

Update on Raeghan

This is Charlotte's friend Cynthia updating for her. Raeghan is still in the hospital with a chest tube. Charlotte has no online access to communicate.

Raeghan is on continuous oxygen, and IV fluids & antibiotics and has been diagnosed with Strep Pneumonia with pleural effusion (fluid on the lungs).

Raeghan is drinking minimally and barely eating. She has had the chest tube in since Wednesday and can not be removed until it stops draining. It has drained about 1300 cc's off Raeghans lungs.

They are hoping to go home the beginning of next week but are unsure because Raeghan has to be off all IV's and oxygen and the chest tube has to be pulled.

Charlotte asked me to post a notice to all Ebay winners from this past weeks ended auctions that as soon as she gets home she will process the items and get them in the mail.

The family asks that you continue to keep them in your prayers. Raeghan is more alert and the antibiotics are working. The chest x-rays show some improvement as does her mood.