Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rebekka picks flowers !

Rebekka,my oldest with fiancee, Dan are getting married August 4th,2007 in my back yard! Today we all went and picked out her flowers. Her bouquet is going to be cally lillies. Thankfully Dan's family is helping to pay for the flowers. Rebekka and Dan have been together almost 3 years ! Those of you who were in China with us 2 yrs. ago know what a melt down she had being away from Dan the Man !
Grandma "Joanie" is so excited her first granddaughter is getting married ! She's not so sure she wants Rebekka to move out of the house ! She is helping pay for the beautiful dress and accessories ! Thank you Mom !

Raeghan says " Let's Face it, I'm a Princess ! " Riley was there, but he was busy getting into trouble !

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