Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day !

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in our lives !
This is my brother Tom, a wonderful dad here with our wonderful dad ! My father went to heaven on January 28th, 2006. He never got to meet Riley, but I know he watches over us all every day ! He is with the highest of all fathers, God.

This is Raeghan and Riley's godfather, Brian. They love him so much ! Sometimes Raeghan calls him daddy. Hoping he will be Rachael's godfather too !

Last but not least ~ Dan, Rebekka's fiancee. Couldn't find a picture of Dan alone ! They all have Bekka in it ! Dan has been around for almost 3 years and he is wonderful to the kids ! I know someday like 10 years from now he will make a great father ! LOL. I can't wait to have red headed grandchildren !

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