Saturday, June 30, 2007


It was a huge success ! It was alot of fun, work and sweat. Special thanks to my wonderful family for all the help: Mom, Bekka, Dan, Trish, Shelbie, Jeff and of course Raeghan and Riley !

Me and Raeghan trying to stay in the shade ! My hair was solid sweat ! Raeghan was still so happy to be helping Mommy out !

Picture of the yard sale from the garage out. Dan is on right in black shirt helping some customers ! And I thought we haggled in China ! Some of them dedicated yardsalers are killers ! First customer was there at 0630am !

My excellent helpers, Shelbie and Rebekka !

Riley found him a toy to keep himself busy for a while !

Just part of what the garage looked like the night before. We tried to seperate it all ! You know when you take the good junk from friends, you get the bad junk too !
Many, many thanks to all my friends for donating all the items for the yard sale to HELP BRING RACHAEL HOME !

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