Saturday, June 9, 2007

My daughter Rachael

Tonight we went to our neighbors house for a picnic/swim party. We had so much fun. They invited everyone in the neighborhood, so various neighbors had come and gone all day long. It was me, Rebekka, Dan, Raeghan, Riley and my mother that all went. We had some good food and fellowship. The kids wanted to swim, but none of had suits with us. So we all played with water guns ! The adults and kids, we had so much fun !

One family there had a little girl, she was 3, and she had strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, and her skin was fair. I found myself watching her often, thinking and wondering about my sweet Rachael. Thinking this is what she is going to look like, she was so sweet, and so gentle. Tonight it made me miss her so much and wish for her to be home now.

As every day goes on I have to come to truly know SHE IS MY DAUGHTER and she is waiting for us to come get her ! When Riley was waiting I was so fortunate to get so many friends to get me pictures of him. With Rachael I just don't think I will get any, maybe if when my friend goes the end of the month, she is my only hope. I had so many friends get only one as I got so many of Riley, never knowing what they went through.

Rachael, mommy misses you tonight, wo ai ni Jiang Yu Zhu !


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