Friday, July 6, 2007

My friend in China was only able to go to Rachael's orphanage for 1/2 of one day instead of the 3 days she thought she was going to be going. She was able to let the orphanage staff know that yes Rachael has a family, and they were very pleased. They told her that Rachael was : VERY PRETTY, VERY SMART AND VERY STRONG ! It makes me wonder if she is going to be as strong willed as my others are, lol. If she is my daughter, she is. I have always said God doesn't give me quiet children, lol. Though I was saddened to not get pictures, I was glad for the update. My agency is trying to locate now the exact date the dossier went from nsn to sn and some current pictures. The pictures we have now are from 12/06 when she turned 2, I can't wait to hold my dauggter in my arms and tell her how much I love her ! Charlotte

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