Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Thanks for Helping Bring Rachael Home !

This adorable little girl above reminds me of my little Rachael, I am so hoping she is holding the teddy bear we sent to her wearing the sweatshirt with her family's pictures on the front of it !

I looked tonight on my magazine fundraiser and noted that several people have been buying magazines ! I wanted to thank everyone for every bit they have donated to my adoption. It is so wonderful to see people who care so much about children in other countries, children especially with special needs in orphanages.

I am sending mailers to local people for the spaghetti dinner and silent auction. If you can't make it, there is still ways to donate to help. There is the magazine fundraiser, or you can make a donation to CHIP IN ! These are all under fundraisers in the right hand column over there ~~~~ >.

Thanks again !!


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