Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Hats and Outdoor Fun !

Good news today ! Raeghan had her follow up today at ACH with the Infectious Disease doctors, she had a chest xray too and got a clean bill of health ! We were able to track down Dr. Jaeger to see again, Raeghan ran to him with big hugs ! We also went to go see the nurses on the floor she was on for 8 days and got to see her favorite nurse, Lisa. We brought them brownies to say thank you ! Raeghan was handing them out like the little hostess she is ! She spent the rest of the day at home with Rebekka, so when I got Riley from school after work, him and I went to store to buy me socks and he got himself and Raeghan a new hat ! Don't they look cute ??!
If you leave Raeghan home alone with big sissy, Rebekka, you will get makeup put on you for sure, see her pink cheeks and green eyelids! Thanks sissy !

Riley sporting his new hat chomping down on a bag of his favorite Funyuns !

It was cooler than usual last night so we went in the backyard and played. Raeghan loves to swing. Note the shoes on the wrong feet! She loves to dress herself too!

Riley loves to climb ! He also loves to wear his oversized daycare shirt they must wear when the daycare goes anywhere, today he just wanted to wear it !

Raeghan and Riley love the swingset their grandma bought for them ! I know they can't wait to slide and see saw with Rachael !
RACHAEL UPDATE : My friend was suppose to be in Rachael's orphanage city for 3 days this week, she just emailed me and there was some problems with scheduling, so she is going on the 5th, which is now in China, it is around 0500 am now there, she said she will be leaving at noon. Rachael is in foster care, so her family would need to be there this am in order for her to see her, and we won't know til later. I am saddended, I feel like this will be my only chance to get pictures of her ! Please say a special prayer tonight for me that by the grace of God that she does get to see her. It is still comforting to know they will give them the care package I sent over for her and let them know she has a family who loves her !!!!!

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Kendra said...

Just found your blog through the VirtualTwinChina group. You're children are adorable!