Thursday, July 12, 2007


Raeghan looks at her picture as says : My baby Rachael ! "

I found out today from my agency that my LOI- letter of acceptance has gone with my dossier into the review room, which means I am waiting for LOA- letter of acceptance ! This is all exciting and scary, I have about 1/2 the money for the adoption fundraised and worked for and need the other 1/2. I am so nervous today wondering if the LOA and TA will come too soon and all the $ won't be there. It has me crying today, and my car is acting up too, so I am double sad.I have faith in the Lord and trust in, he will provide. I am also asking for YOUR HELP !Please imagine my beautiful little girl in China, an orphan with her foster family waiting to come home. The houses in China are nothing like ours, there is no or little electricity, or food, it is poorer living than you can imagine.PLEASE CONSIDER A DIRECT DONATION OR A DONATION TO ONE OF THE FUNDRAISERS ! Any amount would be so appreciated and would help so much !
Please pass my blog onto everyone you know asking for help !Charlotte

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