Thursday, July 26, 2007

NWA World Perk Miles !

I am asking everyone who might have any NorthWest Airline World Perk Miles there not using or just don't want to donate them to me !!!!

Currently I have saved 39,806 miles and if I can get enough might be able to use them all to buy my ticket to China and maybe Rachael's too !

There is a page :

This page talks about how you can transfer miles to me or there is another link where you can buy miles and "gift" them to me !

Any donations of miles would so be appreciated !

Thanks, Charlotte


Anonymous said...

Hey Charlotte,

How many more miles do you need for the airline tickets for you and Rachael?

Rose Mary

Jennifer said...

Hi Charlotte,
If we don't use NW, I'll donate my miles.

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlotte,

You may want to check some of the rules with using your miles to fly for "free". (Free isn't always free.)

If a flight accepts miles for a ticket, sometimes there are limited seats offered that can be "purchased" with miles.
There may be blackout dates. Check the fees you pay in cash when using miles. There are usually lots of rules to meet or you pay more cash fees (cash cost increase the closer you get your tickets to the fly date, cash cost to make a change, etc.) Some free miles flights can cost a lot in cash with the extra fees.

For someone to donate miles to you, they must pay per each mile that they donate, plus pay $25 for the transaction.

You can only receive 15,000 donated miles in a calendar year.

A person may donate no less than 5,000 miles to you in one transaction. The cost of donating 15,000 miles is $150 plus the extra $25 from each person who made a donation.

If miles are bought and gifted to you, the cost is $95 to buy 2500 miles. Its $445 to buy 15,000.

You can only receive 15,000 miles that are bought and gifted in a calendar year.

Hope that helps in knowing what the person will be charged when they donate their unused miles or buy and gift miles. You may not know if the airline will take your miles as payment unless you know the exact date and flight number you want to board.

Rose Mary