Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another BOY in the family !

It's with great JOY to announce that I'm going to be a grandmother !

And IT'S A BOY !!!!!

Rebekka and Dan are pregnant with their first child, a son ! Due 2~19~08 !!!!

So far she likes these names : Carter, Cooper, Joel, Ryder and Brayden !

What do you like ?

mother to Rebekka, Raeghan, Riley, soon Rachael, and grandma to "Baby Shrimp "


Liene said...

OK, I'm a traditionalist and don't do trendy names. Hence the fact that our son has the name Eriks, our daughter will be named Emilija (Emily) and we have Robert picked out for another boy if we ever have one. But I think out of the ones listed I like Cooper the best.

That's so funny that Rebekkah is due the day before my cousin who is also pregnant with a boy. It will be interesting to see who has their baby first!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bekka and Dan!
What a wonderful blessing this littlest child is to us all.

We love you,
The Thomas Family

Jennifer said...

I like Cooper too - but I forget what Dan's last name is