Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Raeghan starts dance and gymnastic class !

Raeghan loves TUESDAYS ! It is DANCE day at pre-school ! She is taking her first dance and gymnastics class, and the best part is it is at the pre-school so I don't have to take her once a week ! Last year we tried a gymnastics class for Raeghan and Riley and it didn't work, they were too young and Riley was just home, so it is so nice to see Raeghan liking this class ! Riley goes to speech therapy, and so this is something special for Raeghan ! When Rachael comes home she will join it next year, I want to give her time to get used to being home at first.

Raeghan let me put her hair up this am in her first french braid ! I think it turned out so cute !

Raeghan stretching with a friend !

I can't remember the last time I could touch my nose to the floor like that ! Raeghan is quite limber !

Raeghan with a fellow dance mate !

Raeghan gets home from pre-school and puts her dance outfit right on to show us what she learned today ! I am so excited she likes it !



Melissa said...

She'll be the prettiest dancer in class.

Starla said...

Too cute! Starla