Friday, September 28, 2007

A little good news..........

Today is Day 78 of the wait for LOA- Letter of Acceptance !

My agency was told on July 10th that my dossier changed from non-special needs to special needs, so this is where I am counting from !

I did speak to Amanda today at my agency and she said they are expecting a package Monday or Tuesday ! Sounds good !

She did mention it was due to come according to what they told her 4-5 weeks ago ! Or maybe.......... she really knows something, and can't say anything !

Come on LOA's !!!!

With it coming next week if it does, then being signed, it would go to China, they are all closed next week and with the next document needed : TA ~ Travel Approval, it could be 2-3 weeks after the LOA goes to China !

So my best prediction is as it stands : Me and Rachael might be in China over Thanskgiving holiday ! Wonder if they have Turkey there ? LOL I will settle for pigeon !!! Tastes like chicken...........

Wish us luck ! Going to be a long weekend !

Our FCC is having Moon Festival celebration tomorrow, some come back tomorrow to see some wonderful pics of the kids in their chinese outfits ! Raeghan will be in pink again, it still fits ! Riley gets to wear a new gold and red one for the first time, it is so cute !


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