Monday, September 24, 2007

Raeghans's finding spot !

Just got email from my friend Jennifer, whose daughter, Lela is one of Raeghan's orphanage sister's, she was found one day before Raeghan. Here is what she writes, didn't know it was going to make me so emotional !

"We went to Shaoguan yesterday. It's a three hour trip under good circumstances and we got kicked off the highway for an unmarked detour about an hour away. It was also raining on and off.

I gave the Ayi's Raeghans pictures and they said they remembered her.

Raeghan's finding place is at the foot of a road that empties into a traffic circle across from a bridge that marks the start of the road to Guangzhou. The name of it used to be translated as something like shrub villas, but it's been recently changed - the fancy sign now says "Forest Villas" it's the entry to a housing development. There was a group of volunteer workers cleaning it up when we were there, officials, according to our guide, I guess for the photo op, so a lot of cars parked and hard to get a good shot.

Ayi's looking at Raeghan's pictures and info on finding spot !


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Barb P. said...

That is really exciting. Glad they were able to make the trip inspite of the nasty conditions. Nice for Radghan to have. Where is that LOA??