Sunday, September 30, 2007

FCC Moon Festival 2007 !

Riley all dressed and ready to go to Moon Festival ! Our local FCC- Families with Children from China celebrate this event yearly with all members ! It means alot to us to be able to help the children remember their heritage !

Raeghans's ready to go too ! At the Moon Festival they have lots of games and goodies for the kids !

Riley tossing a bean bag !

Grandma helping Raeghan get a duck from the duck pond !

Riley's getting a good view of his bowling ball hitting a strike !

Raeghan and Riley love to bowl !

Roll ball ! Roll ball !

In China they will call your child "lucky baby, lucky baby ". They don't get it, WE are the lucky ones ! Look at all these faces !

Riley's ready to fire his nerf darts !

Raeghan showing off all her loot !

Riley placing with his buddy, Corbin ! Boys will be boys !

Bethany, my friend Becka's daughter. She is adopted from Vietnam almost 8 yrs ago !

Jen-Jen, Raeghan's best friend and Raeghan showing off their new tattoos !

Riley in line to play the ring toss, he likes winning prizes !

One of the FCC mom's telling the story of the Moon Festival ! The kids loved it !

Raeghan and friends listening to the Moon Festival story !

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