Saturday, September 8, 2007

Raeghan's finding spot !

My good friend, Jennifer and her husband Jamie and their daughter, Lela are finally going to China to adopt their daughter/sister, Lian !

Their blog is

Lela and Raeghan are orphanage sisters and their birthdates are one day apart, Lela is one whole day older !

When we got to get the girls in January of 2005, it was right before CNY so we weren't allowed to go visit the swi. Every child that is abandoned in China has a finding spot, it is where their family has left them to be found.

Jennifer's family is heading to bring home Lian and they have been granted permission to go see the orphanage where the girl's lived for the 1st year of their lives ! And she is going to try to go and find the girl's finding spots and take pictures !

They leave Tuesday and will go tour Beijing first, then go the Lian's province to get her, when they make it to Guangzhou, one day they will go to Shaoguan ! Please follow them along on this journey they have waited for so long. They had some delays last year that set them back a little, and so it took a little longer from them to get Lian, but the time has come for this girl to come home ! Yah !

I was able to make photo copies of my documents and email them to Jennifer, here are some pictures from the past. A few of the first time we saw Raeghan. I don't know why it gets me so emotional, but it does ! She was my first adopted daughter !

Raeghan's mug shot ! Isn't she adorable !

Raeghan's referral pictures !

Another referral picture !

RAEGHAN NOW at 3 1/2 !

This the finding ad document in Chinese !

This is the finding spot document in English !

This is what it says :

This is to certify that Shao Furun, female, born January 21,2004 was found at the road entrance of Conglin Mountain Villa, Zhenjiang District, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province on January 21,2004. She was picked up and sent to our welfare institute by the Police Station of Zhannan Road, Shaoguan City on January 21,2004. Her biological parents and other family have not been found up to this day.



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