Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day !

Raeghan posing her with new pink boots she got at Target today and her dance leotard and skirt. Raeghan starts dance and gym class tomorrow at the daycare.

Riley with his new Spiderman sneakers !

Today was a day off for me, my first one in a long time. Maybe I should call it a day off from my 2 jobs, because I wasn't off duty as far as being mommy and cleaning house. I focused on laundry today and the kid's room, their room is now clean, and I cleaned out all the closets and dresser drawers and got down all their fall clothing. I was worried Raeghan wouldn't have enough, and was wrong, so much of what she wore last fall will fit this fall too, so between her and Rachael they should have plenty to wear. Riley is the one who will need some more clothing, he is just growing so much ! He was 26 lbs. when he came home last yr. and now he's 34 lbs.

Please continue to pray for Rachael in China and for her family !


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Monica said...

cute boots.

I tagged you on the middle name Meme on my blog. I hope you do the meme.