Friday, September 14, 2007


If you are considering adopting a child from another country, who may or may not have special needs PLEASE consider a boy ! My 1st adopted daughter was a non-special needs adoption, and my second which I thought would have been a girl was a BOY ! I found him one night on an agency list a friend had sent me. I wasn't looking that soon to start another adoption, or even thinking of a BOY ! But he found me !

Riley on his 4th birthday, he was so excited to get a guitar from friends !

Riley, as the ring bearer at his sister's wedding !

Riley loves stuffed animals !

Riley, Christmas 2006

Riley's 3rd birthday !

Riley on gotcha day ! He was 2.75 yrs old, and he weighed 26 lbs !

Riley at around 18 months old ! What a cutie !

One of the first pictures of Riley I saw when I decided to adopt him ! Wasn't he darling !

Riley was cleft lip and palate affected ! Lip was repaired in China ! Palate in Arkansas once home !

I can't describe in words how wonderful it is to have a SON ! He is such a joy !


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Anonymous said...

He is so truly beautiful and joyful! Congratulations. We're waiting, still waiting for our referral (LID 10/16/06)