Monday, October 1, 2007


Our LOA ~ Letter of Acceptance to adopt Rachael has come ! She is my daughter forever and always ! From the minute I saw her I knew she was meant to join our family !

For those of you stat lovers here they are :

DTC/LID for nsn : March 2007
Referral of Rachael : April 30th, 2007
LOI: May 22nd, 2007
Found out dossier moved from nsn to sn : July 10th, 2007
LOA: October 1st, 2007 !
TA: hoping for end of Oct/beg. of November 2007 !
CA: hoping for end of November, hoping to leave November 16th, with a GOTCHA DAY OF November 19th, 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Official Letter of Acceptance to adopt my beautiful little girl Rachael !

Riley and Raeghan watching me sign : Yes, I agree to adopt her !!!!

Signed and ready to go to China !

Me and three of my four children !

We're so silly ! We need our silly sister to come home too !


Rebekka, Raeghan, Riley and baby Shrimp too !


Rose Mary said...

Congratulations, you're one big step closer to bringing Rachael home. What a great year of celebrations with Bekka and Dan's wedding you got a son-in-law, with Rachael you have a new daughter, and with Baby Davis you have a grandson!!!!! What a house full of blessings!

Rose Mary

Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

Congratulations!!!! Isn't that paper just the greatest besides the TA!
You will have your girl home for Chirstmas and Thanksgiving!