Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hard to believe that in 13 days I will be on an airplane to China !
Everytime I talk to someone I start crying thinking of leaving Raeghan and Riley at home. They will be in good hands with their wonderful, loving grandma. She will call us every day while at the hotel. I can't wait to go !

Tickets arrived this week, all that's left to do is be at the airport on time ! On the 9th I don't need to be at the airport til around 200pm, so will spend the am with the kids, then take them to the daycare. My best friend, Tammy is going to take me to the airport and my mother is going to come with us to the aiport !

Raeghan and Riley tonight sitting at the kitchen table ! Can't resist their sweet, mischevious little faces !

Raeghan enjoying her lollipop at home on the staircase !

Riley sporting his balloon dog on his head from the Fall Festival at school !

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