Sunday, October 21, 2007

Please pray tonight !

As always there is something I am praying for, and I feel like this one deserves lots of prayers. It is for the CA ~ Consulate appointment like a court date in China, it finalizes the adoption and it allows us to be able to go home too ! Hoping for November 13,14,15th,2007 !

I don't often talk of my oldest daughter, since this blog has been dedicated to the adoption. I also ask for prayers for my oldest, Rebekka and her husband, Dan move out this Wednesday into their first apartment ! She is my first child and there were many years between her and Raeghan that life was just me and Bekka. And as she starts the beginning of her new life, it still brings a tear to me. I know this is what is suppose to happen in life, and many of you who know me know I am happy too. But it also brings tears as my baby is making good in her life.

Dan and her are pregnant with my grandson, Dan works for Alltel and Rebekka just completed cosmotology school, she has taken the skills test and is waiting word of passing so she can do the written test.

Bekka, I know I don't tell you enough how much I love you and how proud I am of you, but I am ! You will always be the first little blonde headed girl in my life. You are never replaceable !

So as we prepare for Rebekka entering to her new world, please pray for her and her husband and for Rachael as she enters her new world too !



Liene said...

Charlotte - I did get your voice mail tonight. I was on the phone with my mom and didn't want to interrupt her. I like the name :) Tell her that's where my vote goes!

She and Dan will be just fine. I know my mom was the same way when I got married and moved out to Texas with Lane. At least she's not moving 20 hrs away like I did!!!

Stacey said...

you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Robin said...

Charlotte, My name is Robin, my sister, Starla is in China now getting ready to bring home MinMin. I got the link to your blog from your post there. I am praying for your CA and will be following your journey to get Rachael.

Prayers for the rest of your family as well. I know how you feel about your daughter leaving as my youngest son is getting ready to leave for Italy for 2 years (Navy). He isn't gone and I miss him already. Hang in there. I look forward to reading about your journey.

fivekidz said...

Don't worry too much... they start to appreciate their moms so much more when they are on their own. If you think watching her move out is hard wait til you see her give birth... argh... I reccomend eyes shut and earplugs. It is very cool to watch them spread their wings knowing that you have given them a strong base for lifes adventures. Seeing her as a mom will be so special..
good luck to all of you.. Bonnie P
mom to 4 soon 5 and grandmom to 3 little devils... um.. i mean boys