Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My first daughter, Rebekka

Well, it's official ! Rebekka and Dan have their first apartment ! They moved out tonight with much joy and a few tears. Well, maybe more than a few !

Me, Mom and the kids got McDonald's tonight, then went to go see the new apartment. For a first time, it is nice, has two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, small living room. They were able to buy a nice brown suede couch, and his grandma gave them a rocking chair. I think the table and chairs they want they have on hold. The kitchen is fully loaded with all new wedding gifts.

I know this is what the circle of life is all about, and I knew they needed to be on their own, but she is still my little girl. For so many years she was my buddy.

I made her pose for this picture tonight, it was late, not the best. But it marks the beginning of her new life with her husband.

And in February they will welcome their newborn son into the world. His first due date was my birthday, Feb. 14th, then it was changed to the 19th. They still don't have a name, drives me bonkers ! This week Rebekka likes the name Layne. So do I. Better than Finn, don't tell Bekka, lol.

For now we refer to him as "BABY SHRIMP". I will have to get him a stocking that says that, lol.

Well, not too much longer til I leave, almost 15 days !!! 18 til gotcha !!!

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I will when in China try to post on blog, but if not will to yahoo group and will send info to friend, Monica to add to blog to help me.

Night, Charlotte

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Monica said...

I think Layne is my favorite name she's come up with so far!