Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Email from my friend in Dian Jiang !

Hi ya'll,

My friend went to China to get her daughter who is from the same orphanage as Rachael and she asked them about her when they visited the orphanage, they actually called to her foster parents house to have them bring Rachael to the orphanage to give her presents from me and to take some pictures for me but they were out of town seeing relatives !

Snot boogers !!!!! I lost it this am and called my mother crying.

The good thing is ......... they know that I am coming in NOVEMBER TO BRING MY GIRL HOME !

All along I have been very brave and strong, and ever since LOA I have been bonkers. I am tired of waiting and I want her NOW ! The TA needs to come too, lol.

Please continue to pray for the needed funds, I still need some help !

Please any kind of donation or loan would be so greatfully accepted !


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Rose Mary said...

Think of it as a wonderful time for Rachael in that she is able to see her extended foster family on this out of town visit. They will have a chance to know they are saying good-bye. So, don't be sad that your friend didn't get to see her, she is getting the last minute hugs from her foster family, near and far. She is blessed to be loved by this foster family in China and by her new family and friends here.
Rose Mary