Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dear Rachael lives over the ocean ......

Yantze River in China

A wonderful, wonderful friend posted this on LCC~ Loving China's Children yahoo group for me ..........

(Sung to tune of My Bonnie lives over the ocean )

Dear Rachael lives over the ocean,

Sweet Rachael lives over the sea,

Dear Rachael belongs to dear Charlotte,

Oh, let's bring Rachael home to mommy!

Bring home, bring home,

Oh, bring home that baby to her, to her,

Bring home, bring home,

Please help bring this little girl home!

Ok, LCC Family, let's get the donations rolling again for Charlotte to bring Rachael home. She leaves on November 9th, that's like, just around the corner, ya know???!!

Kingdom Kids information is as follows - Family Grant for the Weddle Family http://www.kingdomk idsadoption. org/ It appears the online donation is still down, but you can call them and donate over the phone at (509) 465-3520.
Because the KK online donation is down, and time is of the essence, funds may also be donated via Charlotte's ChipIn account, which can be found on her blog at www.rachaeljanew. blogspot. com .

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