Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween !

Raeghan, the good witch with Riley, the motorcross driver !

Raeghan and Riley sitting in their double stroller ready to go !

Brother in law, Dan sitting with Raeghan on the steps after a good night.

Big sister, Rebekka is helping Riley look at his "loot " !

The nursing home I work at part time had a Halloween party for the resident's and the public. Here is Riley's version of bobbing for apples !

Raeghans's version of bobbing for apples !

Riley shows off his painted face ! What a poser he is !

Raeghan getting her face painted too !

Raeghan watched Riley do the Beanbag Bat Toss !

Raeghan fishing for goodies at the Halloween party !

Raeghan and Riley at the cake walk ! Raeghan would do it for hours if you let her !

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