Friday, October 19, 2007

No CA today ! Hoping for Monday !

Well, it was a long shot for it to come th next day !

Let's hope that it comes Monday so I can finally get the airline tickets ! I have a wonderful agent, David in NY that my friend, Jennifer used for her adoption, he has me the best rates over anyone ! Thank you Jennifer !

Tonight we all went to eat at our favorite chinese restaurant in Jacksonville to celebrate the TA. With luck we got to see our friend, Sue from Unique Furniture there with her daughter. They let me use their hall for FREE for my spaghetti dinner a while back !

My wonderful friends on LCC ~ Loving China's Children, it's a yahoo group are doing a FAMILY ALERT for us to bring Rachael home !

It is wonderful to see the love and donations of people you have only met online donate and give to you knowing the goal is to bring an orphan home to her family.

As of today, the donations for the Alert have been : $199 to ChipIn, the total is larger cause it was donated weeks before the Family Alert, and best of my knowledge the donations to Kingdom Kids was $50.

Kingdom Kids is an awesome business, it is a way for you to donate and it is tax dedeuctible, but with the crunch on for times, it will cut it close if donations come that way. God will provide. If you do use KK call them with the donation, the online donation site is down.

I want to thank each and everyone of you personally for all your love, and donations and kind words in helping bring my princess home to me !

It is so hard to believe I am only 17 days away from her being in my arms ! I wonder what she is doing now, and worry too. Sometimes the children are removed from foster fmailies before an adoption and taken back to the orphanage. I know she will grieve and pray she is comforted when she does. She has been with the same foster family for a year and a half and she sleeps with the grandparents. She is attached to them, this is good. It means one day she will be attached to me. For I am so attached to her already !

Rachael, baby ~ sleep tight tonight, know that we love you ! And can't wait for you to come home baby girl ! Wo ai ni !



Jeff and Michelle said...

Hello! I remember seeing your blog a while back and I thought Rachel was just the cutest thing ever!!! You are so lucky! I am excited that we may get to meet you and her in China!! Its nice that you have that travel agent friend! We have to get our tickets monday too, and are on a mad search. Let's pray for that CA!


Anonymous said...

So happy for you and rachael!
She'll be home soon! yvonne