Saturday, October 6, 2007

Waiting for TA now !

Here's a beautiful hair bow I got Rachael a while back ! Can't wait to place it in her pretty blonde hair ! Did I say blonde ? And she's chinese ? YES ! Rachael is one of the few special princesses from China to have blonde hair and blue eyes, she is albino !


Here's a picture of a desk in my room we have used to pile everything we have boughten for Rachael ! As you can see, she is off to a good start: clothes, shoes, undies, socks, tights, hair bows, toys, etc. She is going to love it all !

Here's my FAVORITE traveling to China backpack ! It only goes with me to China, this will be it's 3rd trip ! It is what I use to carry all my documents to China in and as a baby bag on the stroller. My good friend, Kim gave it to me before I got Raeghan and I used it for Riley too and now Rachael ! It is a little worn, but it is quite faithful and loved !

Look what fun Rachael is going to have with Riley and Raeghan and poor little Mei Mei when she gets home ? LOL

I want to THANK EVERYONE for their love, kindness, prayers and donations !
A special thank you to my friend, Ohilda for doing such a nice blog entry to help me Bring Rachael Home ! Under my favorite blogs you can see it, it is called Anna Grace in China ! She just got home with Anna Grace a few months back and her son, Kai too is from China. Riley and Kai were from the same agency.

My agency says TA should be here in 2-3 weeks, then we can plan to trip ! I am thinking I will leave around November 9th or 16th ! That's only 5-6 weeks away !!!


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