Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Thursday the 8th !!!!!

Raeghan and Riley waiting for Rachael to come home ! We got a spot on the photo stairs for you too sissy !

My hams ~ Riley and Raeghan !

Today is a wonderful day ~ the day before I leave ! Oh my goodness ! Bags are packed and I'm ready to go. Was blessed with a day at home before the trip with the kids. Going to go get my hair cut later ( to the shoulder for you Kim, lol ), the kids are going to go to sissy's this am for a little to play, should be fun !



Starla said...


Finally back at home on my computer, and checked in to see how things are going. Tomorrow will be a great day!!! Have a great flight, can't wait to see pics on you with #3.

We are doing month today since gotcha...will update you when you get home.

Did you get the yuan I sent??


Our China Starfish said...

Our prayers are with you as you leave for China tomorrow. It looks there there is indeed room on those steps for Rachael- and soon she will be there to fill it!

Jennifer in DE